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Aims and Activities


The Society of St Vincent de Paul was founded by students in Paris in 1833 to bring practical Christian charity to the poor of the city. In the present day, members of the Society continue in that apostolate in a manner more suited to our times.

Some SVP activities were curtailed during the Pandemic and numbers of beneficiaries and members have reduced. The Parish group hopes to return to a full programme next year. In 2023 we plan to gently reintroduce regular visiting and events. A provisional calendar for the year 2023 will be posted soon.

Our main activity is visiting the sick and housebound. We try to arrange transport to Mass for those who have difficulty attending. This year we are planning a Social Evening in the Spring to bring people together for a cup of tea, a chat and some light entertainment. At Christmas we have a party for the elderly of our Parish and the local area. Our party at the end of last year was a great success and was enjoyed by over 40 beneficiaries. There will be a Mass of Anointing after Easter which is a beautiful spiritual experience.

On occasions the SVP provides practical help and assistance to families experiencing difficulty or crisis who are referred to us by the school or SVP.

In recent years a mini-Vinnies group has been established at St Joseph`s Primary School which is doing great work to help those in need. Every year some children from school participate in a Children`s Holiday camp which we pay for. These children grow in confidence and resilience and have a lot of fun!

We also support two Conferences of the Society in India, at Buxar in Bihar in the north (See photos) and at Thandrampet in Tamil Nadu in the south.

History of the SVP in our parish

A branch (known as a Conference) of the Society of St Vincent de Paul has been established in the Parish since 1933. When the two parishes were separate, there were Conferences in both Sacred Heart Parish and St Mary's & St Monica's Parish. At one time a Youth Conference also operated at St Mary's & St Monica's Parish.

Following the formation of the joint parish the Conferences have joined together under the new Conference name of Our Lady and St Joseph, Aire Valley (the name of our parish).

The SVP are looking for volunteers and beneficiaries

If you want to know more about what becoming a member of SVP might entail please ring to speak to our President, Anne McArthur. Members feel that our work is rewarding and valuable and we love doing it. We are a great friendly team but would love new people to join us.

If you would like the SVP to visit you or to help in some way pleased make yourself known to any of our members or ring Anne.

Anne McArthur (President) 01274 551091

Fund Raising

Our funds are raised by regular contributions, a generous parish contribution, occasional coffee mornings at local care homes, book sales, and a bi-annual concert at SS Mary and Monica’s Church by Chordiality .

The parish SVP Financial Report for April 2019 to March 2020 can be seen by clicking HERE

Meetings and more information

We currently meet fortnightly on Wednesdays between 7.30 and 8.45 pm at Cottingley in the winter and alternately at Sacred Heart from Spring onwards. New members are always welcome

For further information, our national website is:

and the international website can be found at:

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