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Book of Remembrance

Sacred Heart Church

A Book of Remembrance has been produced for year-round display of the deceased loved ones of our parish. There are two copies, one for each of the churches in the parish.

Each month the page will be turned to display those who passed away that month, with the date of their death.


graphics3If you would like to have your loved one remembered in this way, please fill out their details on the forms provided near the books in church, so that name, month and date in capital letters are included (the year is not required).

Alternatively, to send an email to me, the WebMaster (Colin Spiller) with these details.

Both these books will be continually updated throughout the year so that new names can be added at any time.
The books were originally produced by Dennis Bristow, but he has found it difficult to continue, due to circumstances beyond his control. An alternative way has now been found to continue to update the books, so contributions are welcome once more!

A copy of the complete Book of Remembrance may be downloaded by clicking HERE.
This version of the Book of Remembrance was last updated on 25th June 2024.

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Anniversaries for July

1 Mary Elizabeth Hill
1 Rev. Fr. Michael Krychiwskyj
2 John William Hill
2 Molly Andrews
2 William (Bill) Hanney
3 Thomas R. Halliday
3 Anne Timbrell
6 Alga Halton
7 Brian Finnigan
7 Thomas John Harrington
7 Christopher Donlevy
9 Moira Richards

11 Frank Durkin (killed in action 1916)
12 Charles Cleary
12 Mary Morris
13 June Burns
15 Sandy McGarry
16 Frances Barker
16 Jakob Marbach
17 Richard Halpin
19 Arthur Connelly
20 Elizabeth Whitehouse
20 Georgina (Gina) Gill
20 Richard Lewis Varley

22 Peter Kowalczyk
22 Tim Turner
24 James Edward McHugh
24 Gareth Reid
25 Cyril Medley
26 Mary Elizabeth Bell
26 Vicky Plowden
28 Susan M. Holroyd
30 Jean Dougherty
31 David Anthony Falkingham
31 L/Cpl Eric Crockett Foster
(killed in action 1917)  

List of Relatives and Parishioners who fought for their country in the Great War.

List of Great War combatants

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