Fr Sean 25th Anniversary

Celebrating Fr Sean Molloy's 25th anniversary as a catholic priest, and also his 50th birthday.
18 July 2015
P1060936 P1060947 P1060949  The parish comes to celebrate P1060961
P1060932 P1060930  Teresa Mills P1060937 P1060965
P1060929  The church was full P1060925 P1060944  From St Joseph's school P1060927
P1060964  Mum with family P1060939 P1060953  25th anniversary cake P1060967
P1060942 P1060933 P1060948 P1060923  Terry Gibson
P1060963 P1060934 P1060945  Fr Sean's mum P1060957
P1060928  John Shaw P1060962 P1060951  The party P1060968
P1060952  A huge amount of food P1060931 P1060926 P1060941
P1060954  birthday cake P1060966 P1060943  The Good Shepherd statue was a gift from St Bede's