Our Lady and St Joseph Parish
Aire Valley



The obligation for the faithful to attend Holy Mass on a Sunday or Holy day of Obligation is removed, until further notice. With the re-opening of some churches, Funerals may now take place within Catholic churches limited to 30 people. Covid - 19 restrictions means it is important to note:

  • Each Catholic church which has been given permission to re-open by the Dean will have been through a risk assessment, a pre-opening check and it will have a maximum capacity determined by the social/physical distancing guidance issued (or as changed in time) by the Government (currently 30). Families may find that some areas of churches are out of use at the moment to facilitate cleaning and safe movement around the building.
  • The safety of parishioners, volunteers, staff and clergy to be the highest priority.
  • Volunteers will be needed for church cleaning, and as stewards to ensure social distancing when the church is open. If you are able to volunteer (bearing in mind Government guidelines for those who are considered vulnerable). We will not be able to open if we do not have enough volunteers to act as stewards. Please email me with your name and contact details:
  • Full compliance with Diocesan health and safety regulations and procedures will be required by clergy, employees and volunteers before a church is opened and that no action is to be taken until further guidance is received. Please note that whilst SOME churches are reopening, at the present time, Sacred Heart, Bingley and SS. Mary & Monica’s, Cottingley will remain CLOSED until the above criteria is met following strictly the Government regulations. (Mass will still continue to be offered each day in private for the advertised Intentions and I will continue to pray for you and your families, for those who are already suffering, for those who are grieving, for those who are anxious and for those who are working tirelessly to care for the sick).
  • When our churches do reopen, there will be a ‘soft’ commencement of Masses, initially at SS. Mary & Monica’s, Cottingley followed later by Sacred Heart, Bingley. Weekday Masses to begin with (Tuesday - Friday) where the maximum number will be decided by the size of each church allowing for the 2m distancing.
  • Until further instruction is given on singing, there should be no congregational singing at Mass.
  • Toilet facilities will not be in use for the time being.
  • The seating and movement within the church of those people attending is overseen by volunteer stewards; and, that the arrangements are in place for churches to be cleaned after use.
  • Churches will be well ventilated, with windows and doors open where appropriate and safe to do so (come well wrapped up if it is a cold day)!
  • Whilst the wearing of face coverings is not (as yet) mandatory, wearing them would be advised.

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