Helping vulnerable families in the holidays

Did you know that in our Bingley Church of England school alone there are more than 40 families entitled to free school meals? When school is closed for the holidays these families do not receive any extra benefits to make up for the loss of their children’s school meal and so additional pressure is put on already stretched family budgets.

Trinity All Saints school is already working in partnership with Fuel for School which runs a weekly market stall of fresh fruit and vegetables and other staples with payment only by donation or free to those in need. This enables families who are struggling with finance to access food at minimal cost which is otherwise bound for landfill. Up to now this has only been open in term time.

Now the school is hoping to open a community kitchen, enabling parents and children to learn to cook together and to provide much needed meals in the holidays.

Already there is a kind band of parents who are donating their time and expertise for free to get the kitchen fitted out. Now we need to get all the kitchen equipment such as pans and scales and spoons etc. If you are able to donate any money towards this please contact Kathy Hughes at .

If we can get the kitchen open and equipped in time it is hoped to run a pilot project called Fred’s Cook and Eat Fun Club to provide for at least some of these families. (Fred comes from Fuel for Schools brand – Feed, Recycle, Educate, Dine)

The plan is to have a weekly family cook and eat session, together with other fun activities for children and parents together, then send them home with a box of ingredients so they can make the meal another day at home.

To enable this project to run, as well as financial help, we also need volunteers

Again if you feel able to contribute in any way – (it does not have to be every week) please contact Kathy

Without support this project will not happen, without this project some of our Bingley children may not have enough to eat to enjoy their August holiday.

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