Our Lady and St Joseph

Parish Calendar

Instructions for updating

Open the Google calendar at http://www.google.com/calendar/render

This should open the calendar for editing, provided you have sufficient access. You will probably have to log-in. I prefer to update from the “week” view – see the top right corner of the window.

Adding a new event

Click in the time-slot where the event is to appear. If there is already another event at the same time, there is normally a narrow margin where you can see behind the other event in order to click the background. This should open a small pop-up box with a space (“What”) for the event title and also shows the calendar where the event will be displayed.

Choose “edit event details” at the bottom. Enter the event title in What. Check the start and end dates and times. The pre-set times can be overwritten if needed. Where is often something like “Sacred Heart Church, Nethermoor View, Bingley” or “SS Mary & Monica, Cottingley” but can be anything appropriate. Ensure “Calendar” shows Our Lady & St Joseph Church: click to change it if anything else is shown.

Add whatever detail is available in the Description box. It extends as needed, and costs nothing!

When all is complete, click the Save button near the top.

To change or delete an existing event

Click on the event title to open the details screen. Update details as appropriate. Along the top there are buttons for Save and Delete.


As soon as you click "Save" or "Delete", the change is visible to the world!